Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where do you take photos?

I have a beautiful indoor and outdoor home studio 12 Minutes East of Kewaskum. My private country studio has variety of settings which include wildflower fields, tall grassy fields, a creek, wooded paths and lots of hidden gems and I use different areas around the property depending on the time of year. My indoor studio is mostly used for maternity, newborn, milestone and small family session during the winter months. The best part is that will all my full sessions you can choose to do a mix of studio and outdoor studio looks.

I also have a hand full of private + public locations that I love to take photos at depending on the season and depending on your requests.

2)  What are your sessions like?

Fun, interactive, full of laughs and snuggles. I love getting the posed smile at the camera images but I really love capturing the true authentic moments of you, your littles and your family.  I love working with littles and have lots of patients. I'm always up for a good challenging toddler... Just let me take the lead and I promise you will be surprised how the photos turn out! Bet I can even get dad to crack a smile and enjoy the moment!

3) I'm hate my body right now, my husband is not a picture person and my kids are little and wild and wont listen to me. How can you make us look good and not awkward and not totally loose my mind? OR should we wait till the Kids are older??

First off NO!!! DO NOT WAIT!!!! This time when your kids are little you will not get back!!! Do not worry!! I do not expect my clients to be perfect super models, love getting their picture taken or have perfect angelic children. That don't exist. That's why you hired me! I will guide you throughout your session and tell you exactly what to do. I also use a variety of prompts throughout your session to get the most natural interactions between you your children and your spouse!!! I play games with your children and spouse (shhhh lol) We play tickle games, snuggles games, make fart noises, and so on. I have little fool proof tricks. The best part is you are not just staring a a camera with a frozen smile. Sure I capture that but mostly the details of your moment with you family. TRUST MY PROCESS. TRUST ME!!! OHHH and Mama a nice trick to help you feel slim or comfortable is to wear loose clothes, a maxi dress or skirt. They dont hug you and you can move and sit and stand easier. I CAN HELP you coordinate this. :)

4) What the heck do we ware?

I can definitely help you! I have pinterest board of favorite collections. You can always text me your options and I will help.

Maternity: I have a collection of Gowns + Silk Wraps in my client closet you can use. I have a client closet for the littles as well.

Newborn: Mom + Dad I suggest wearing soft neutral colors like creams, greys, olives, pinks, and blues. No Logos. Layers and flowing dressing add forgiveness. Baby no outfit is needed....I provide it all. Your also welcome to my client closet gowns.

Family Session: I suggest starting with Moms outfit and tie everyone around that. Moms don't have to wear a dress, but I strongly encourage wearing one. Why? Wearing a maxi dress/skirt adds so much to your images and is more flattering on the body and will not emphasize the hip and tummy area in photos. It breaks up the look of everyone wearing jeans. I love suspenders for little boys, Colors, Jeans, Flowy dresses for girls and don't forget the accessories to tie it all together. You can also take a look at my Client Closet for the Littles or Mum for a Maxi Dress.

Couples: Same as Family. Start with you a Dress or Flowy outfit you want then tie your partners outfit into it. Layers, Textures, Accessories are fun.

5) When should I do my Maternity Session?

Between 28-36 weeks

This means you'll want to connect with me to secure your maternity and newborn dates right around the start of your second trimester. You'll likely be showing a pretty decent-sized bump between 28-36 weeks, especially if this isn't your first baby.

6) When should I do my Newborn Session?

When baby is 5-14 Days old is best. The first two weeks are when baby is the sleepiest, most flexible and has the true newborn look.

You should secure your spot when you at the start of your second trimester.

7) What is we have bad weather or I am sick?

For all my outdoor sessions if the weather is bad depending on the time of year you book we will reschedule. I don't have a fee for this. If very sick yes please call me asap. The unexpected happens for that I'm understandable... Mini Sessions are a different story. They are only offered on that specific date. If you cant make it you need to contact me asap. If I cant fill your spot your will loose your payment. IF I can you can roll your session fee to the next open mini within 6 months.