Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC: Blog https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog en-us (C) Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC (Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Sat, 24 Oct 2020 16:39:00 GMT Sat, 24 Oct 2020 16:39:00 GMT https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/img/s/v-12/u154408002-o389015679-50.jpg Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC: Blog https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog 120 76 Dawson is 2 https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/10/dawson-is-2 These Sweet Boy is TWO Years Old!! He was on the GO GO GO!!! Sometimes its fun to get candid shots with Mom + Dad vs Battling with posed shots! Sometimes I love these more!!! Every Session is so different. I can plan multiple sets and they just dont work so then we go with the flow and get amazing Moments with Mom and Dad and even then the Little Ones Surprise me and give me awesome posed shots too!!

JAD_dawson2-3JAD_dawson2-3 JAD_dawson2-1JAD_dawson2-1 JAD_dawson2-2JAD_dawson2-2 JAD_dawson2-4JAD_dawson2-4 JAD_dawson2-5JAD_dawson2-5 JAD_dawson2-6JAD_dawson2-6 JAD_dawson2-8JAD_dawson2-8 JAD_dawson2-10JAD_dawson2-10 JAD_dawson2-9JAD_dawson2-9

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Children Family Family Photos Family Pictures Jaimeann Designs Photography Kewaskum Photographer Kids Kids Session Outside Photos Pictures Studio Summer Summer Session West Bend Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/10/dawson-is-2 Sat, 24 Oct 2020 16:39:01 GMT
Colt is ONE https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/10/colt-is-one This little guy turned ONE!!! Full of Smiles and Giggles he was!!! I love being part of these families lives from the very beginning when they first said I DO!! I cherish the relationships I  gain through Photography. 

This was a beautiful fall day and the lighting was Picture Perfect!!! The Smiles on Mom and Dads face as they watched their little man was priceless. 

Happy 1st Birthday Colt!!! 


(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) children fall milestone session fall session family family photos family pictures jaimeann designs photography kewaskum photographer kids kids session one year session outside photos pictures studio summer summer session west bend photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/10/colt-is-one Thu, 22 Oct 2020 19:52:11 GMT
Lynn Family Fall Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/10/lynn-family-fall-session Many Moments in Life we wish we could forget....Many Moments in Life Stress Us Out....Many Moments in Life Make Us Laugh....Many Moments in Life we wish we could DO Over...BUT Without THESE Moments we dont have Memories....Good, Bad and Ugly they are Memories that make US who we ARE!!!

Let me be 100% REAL.....Family Sessions might not always go perfect like the Images portray on your friends Instagram and Facetube Page.....The truth is Family Sessions can SUCK. BE STRESSFUL (for Mom), MAKE YOU CRY. MAKE YOU LAUGH. WONDER WHY YOU PUT YOUR SELF THROUGH THIS......

THEN The Magic Happens Behind the Lense..... AND I Give YOU the MEMORIES. YOU. PRAYED. FOR!!!! YOU can now SMILE. LAUGH. and CRY HAPPY TEARS that it was all worth it!!! 20 Years from now when your littles are all grown and out of the house youll look back at these Images and wish you could be in that MOMENT Again!!! THAT IS MY PROMISE TO YOU AS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER

JAD_Lynn2020-3JAD_Lynn2020-3 JAD_Lynn2020-7JAD_Lynn2020-7 JAD_Lynn2020-4JAD_Lynn2020-4 JAD_Lynn2020-6JAD_Lynn2020-6 JAD_Cory-14JAD_Cory-14 JAD_Cory-10JAD_Cory-10 JAD_Cory-13JAD_Cory-13 JAD_Cory-9JAD_Cory-9 JAD_Cory-12JAD_Cory-12 JAD_Cory-11JAD_Cory-11 JAD_Cory-8JAD_Cory-8 JAD_Cory-7JAD_Cory-7 JAD_Cory-6JAD_Cory-6

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Family Pictures Family Portraits Family Session Kewaskum Photographer West Bend Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/10/lynn-family-fall-session Tue, 20 Oct 2020 20:18:17 GMT
Wilson Family -Mini Summer Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/9/wilson-family--mini-summer-session This Adorable Family always did a Fall Session. This year we mixed it up and did a late Summer! The day was perfect and so were the smiles!!! This is a great example of a Mini Session. Short and Sweat and Full of Amazing Shots that Mom will cherish for years to come!! 

Mini Sessions are great to updating your Family Photos, Milestones for older Kids or a Quick get it done session with Small Kids. 

JAD_wilson-1JAD_wilson-1 JAD_wilson-2JAD_wilson-2 JAD_wilson-6JAD_wilson-6 JAD_wilson-5JAD_wilson-5 JAD_wilson-8JAD_wilson-8 JAD_wilson-7JAD_wilson-7 JAD_wilson-4JAD_wilson-4 JAD_wilson-3JAD_wilson-3

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) family photographer family photos family pictures family portraits family session kewaskum photographer mini family session mini session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/9/wilson-family--mini-summer-session Tue, 22 Sep 2020 14:20:38 GMT
"Mason" Class of 2021 https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-mason-class-of-2021 Mason was a blast to work with!!! Hes proud to be an American, Proud to be on the Trap Team and Proud to drive his Dads Old Truck!! Good Ol American Boy right here!!! Big Smile and a Big Heart to Match!!! I love when Seniors include props that mean something to them!!! Mason used his trap gun as hes on the High School Trap Team and used an Old truck that was his Dads!! That was pretty cool!!! 

I highly recommend using props that have meaning to you!! It adds a personal touch to your session and makes them more meaningful!! We ended this Senior Session with a Mini Family Session. They havent had a Family photo taken in Years so it was time to freshen up that frame! 

Best of Luck Mason in your Future!! You will do amazing things!!!

Blessings and Good Health


JAD_masons-3JAD_masons-3 JAD_masons-1JAD_masons-1 JAD_masons-9JAD_masons-9 JAD_masons-8JAD_masons-8 JAD_masons-6JAD_masons-6 JAD_masons-4JAD_masons-4 JAD_masons-2JAD_masons-2 JAD_masons-5JAD_masons-5 JAD_masons-13JAD_masons-13 JAD_masons-10JAD_masons-10 JAD_masons-14JAD_masons-14 JAD_masons-11JAD_masons-11


(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Class of 2021 Family Family Pictures Kewaskum Kewaskum Photographer Photographer" Photography Senior Pictures Senior Portraits West Bend Photographer Wisconsin Wisconsin Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-mason-class-of-2021 Tue, 18 Aug 2020 21:01:42 GMT
"Thein" Family + Dogs https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-thein-family-dogs Okay now this Session was all kinds of Fun, Crazy, Energetic and Adorable!!! When Mom requested Dogs be in the "Family" Photo I of course said "YES"!!!! My Dog is my Fur Child so I know how important this was to her!!! While we nailed the posed shots I LOVE how the Candid Shot Turned out!! Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch and you get the Best Real. Life. Moments. Froze. In. Time.

AND....Ending with some Bubbles is always FUN!!!

If you think bringing a family pet to a session will just be too crazy, well you may be right lol BUT let me assure you that when you get your Gallery Back and see your Fur Children in those Images you will forget about the craz and love that you made the right call to include them!!! If you want extra help bring a friend to help with the pets so your less stressed. :)

But please know that PETS are ALWAYS WELCOME!!! 

JAD_Thein-1JAD_Thein-1 JAD_Thein-4JAD_Thein-4 JAD_Thein-2JAD_Thein-2 JAD_Thein-7JAD_Thein-7 JAD_Thein-13JAD_Thein-13 JAD_Thein-14JAD_Thein-14 JAD_Thein-11JAD_Thein-11 JAD_Thein-9JAD_Thein-9 JAD_Thein-8JAD_Thein-8 JAD_Thein-15JAD_Thein-15 JAD_Thein-16JAD_Thein-16 JAD_Thein-18JAD_Thein-18 JAD_Thein-19JAD_Thein-19 JAD_Thein-20JAD_Thein-20

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Family Family Pictures Kewaskum Kewaskum Photographer Photographer" Photography West Bend Photographer Wisconsin Wisconsin Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-thein-family-dogs Fri, 14 Aug 2020 23:33:39 GMT
"Alexsa" Class of 2021 https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-alexsa-class-of-2021 Senior Sessions have been so much FUN this Year!! I enjoyed my time with this Beautiful and Fun Girl!!! She was fun to work with. I loved her willingness to climb in any crazy spot I asked. lol We got some fun shots in before the crazy storm hit. She was a little shy but I got her to crack a few smiles with all my blaahhblaahhh babble talk. Hey Ill do whatever it takes to make someone smile natural. :)

Best of luck Girl in your Future!! Your a Bright Kid! You will do great in anything you put your mind and heart into!!! 

Blessings + Good Health


JAD_AlexsaW-13JAD_AlexsaW-13 JAD_AlexsaW-1JAD_AlexsaW-1 JAD_AlexsaW-2JAD_AlexsaW-2 JAD_AlexsaW-10JAD_AlexsaW-10 JAD_AlexsaW-12JAD_AlexsaW-12 JAD_AlexsaW-15JAD_AlexsaW-15 JAD_AlexsaW-14JAD_AlexsaW-14 JAD_AlexsaW-17JAD_AlexsaW-17 JAD_AlexsaW-18JAD_AlexsaW-18 JAD_AlexsaW-20JAD_AlexsaW-20 JAD_AlexsaW-21JAD_AlexsaW-21

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Class of 2021 Family Photographer High School Senior Pictures Kewaskum Photographer Senior Pictures Senior Portraits West Bend Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-alexsa-class-of-2021 Thu, 13 Aug 2020 19:19:20 GMT
"Olivia" Class of 2021 https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-olivia-class-of-2021 Beautiful Olivia....This session was so special as it took me back to my childhood on my Grandfathers Farm!! Olivia is a City Girl but her Heart belongs in the Country!! She always wanted her Senior pictures to be done on the Family Farm. I could tell this was extra special to her Grandfather as he was beaming as he watch us from afar!!! So much Fun!!! Thanks for taking me back to MY Childhood Olivia. <3

This Girl and I connected so well during her Senior Session. Its like she was able to read my mind!! It was funny how I would babble some words and she knew what I was thinking. :) I just LOVE Senior Sessions and meeting all these amazing kids!!!

Best of Luck in your amazing Future Girl!!


JAD_olivia-5JAD_olivia-5 JAD_olivia-2JAD_olivia-2 JAD_olivia-6JAD_olivia-6 JAD_olivia-7JAD_olivia-7 JAD_olivia-3JAD_olivia-3 JAD_olivia-8JAD_olivia-8 JAD_olivia-14JAD_olivia-14 JAD_olivia-16JAD_olivia-16 JAD_olivia-17JAD_olivia-17 JAD_olivia-21JAD_olivia-21 JAD_olivia-18JAD_olivia-18 JAD_olivia-24JAD_olivia-24 JAD_olivia-20JAD_olivia-20 JAD_olivia-22JAD_olivia-22 JAD_olivia-9JAD_olivia-9

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) class of 2021 kewaskum photographer portraits senior pictures senior portraits seniors west bend photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-olivia-class-of-2021 Sun, 09 Aug 2020 21:18:36 GMT
"Alexis" Class of 2021 https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-alexis-class-of-2021 This "Georgia Peach" holds a special spot in my Heart!!! You see this young woman is the daughter of one of my very favorite "Boy" Cousins.....(I am the Only "Girl" Cousin on my Dads side) When this Sweet Girl was Born she was the First Great-Granddaughter!!! I felt a special bond with her the very first time I met her!!! I see a lot of me in her....which Im sure may Scare or make her Dad Happy... lol 

I dont see them very often so when I do its so much fun catching up. I cant believe she is a Senior in High School.....Time needs to SLOW DOWN!!! 

This Girl is not only Beautiful on the Outside (Like her Mama) but is Beautiful on the inside!!! Shes an Amazingly Talented Cheerleader and has gone on to Win National Championships.....Her Smile can light up a room and her determination and drive to be the best she can be will make her go far in life!!! 

Wishing you an Amazing and Awesome Future!!!

Love, Jaime

JAD_AlexisS-18JAD_AlexisS-18 JAD_AlexisS-20JAD_AlexisS-20 JAD_AlexisS-17JAD_AlexisS-17 JAD_AlexisS-23JAD_AlexisS-23 JAD_AlexisS-24JAD_AlexisS-24 JAD_AlexisS-16JAD_AlexisS-16 JAD_AlexisS-15JAD_AlexisS-15 JAD_AlexisS-13JAD_AlexisS-13 JAD_AlexisS-12JAD_AlexisS-12 JAD_AlexisS-10JAD_AlexisS-10 JAD_AlexisS-8JAD_AlexisS-8 JAD_AlexisS-7JAD_AlexisS-7 JAD_AlexisS-4JAD_AlexisS-4 JAD_AlexisS-6JAD_AlexisS-6 JAD_AlexisS-3JAD_AlexisS-3 JAD_AlexisS-1JAD_AlexisS-1

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) class of 2021 kewaskum photographer senior photos senior pictures senior portraits west bend photographer wisconsin photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/-alexis-class-of-2021 Fri, 07 Aug 2020 20:27:42 GMT
Jada Class of 2021 https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/jada-class-of-2021 This Girl right here...Let me just start by saying she is Unstoppable!! She works hard and gives 110% in everything she does!!! She raises chickens (we love her organic eggs), President of the Kewaskum FFA Team, National Champion of Sporting Clays, Cadet of the Boltonville Fire Department, works just about every day on a dairy farm, drives a cool truck, is an Awesome Big Sister AND has been doing ALL THIS while battling Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis!!! I can honestly say I have never met someone like her!! I thrive to be as dedicated and upbeat as she is in every single thing she does!! She will do amazing things in Life!! JADA. GIRL. YOU. ROCK.

We had some fun with this session. I even had my assistant Morgan with me doing some videos of this session. Ive never laughed so hard and had so much fun during a Senior Session!! I cant wait to show you all the finished video!! (But first I need to keep editing all my Senior Sessions) :)

JAD_jada-9JAD_jada-9 JAD_jada-13JAD_jada-13 JAD_jada-10JAD_jada-10 JAD_jada-1JAD_jada-1 JAD_jada-2JAD_jada-2 JAD_jada-3JAD_jada-3 JAD_jada-5JAD_jada-5 JAD_jada-6JAD_jada-6 JAD_jada-14JAD_jada-14 JAD_jada-15JAD_jada-15 JAD_jada-16JAD_jada-16 JAD_jada-18JAD_jada-18

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Class of 2021 Jaimeann Designs Photographer Kewaskum Photographer portraits Senior Pictures Senior Portraits West Bend Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/8/jada-class-of-2021 Mon, 03 Aug 2020 22:54:56 GMT
Fehlhaber Family Summer Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/fehlhaber-family-summer-session This is my Favorite TEXAS Family!!!! Even after they moved to the Big State of Texas they still make time in their very busy schedule to do a Family Session with me!! This makes my heart happy when I get to see them. Sure I see posts on Facebook but its not the same!! I love see the littles and how much they have grown!!! This year I had a fun surprise for them and had our Ranger all ready to take them to our picture location at my outdoor studio. They loved it! After we were all done they got a quick ride as a reward!! Thanks again for allowing me to capture your families memories and freezing time for just a little while in a photograph.

Blessings and Good Health,


JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-1JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-1 JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-2JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-2 JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-3JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-3 JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-8JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-8 JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-9JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-9 JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-4JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-4 JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-6JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-6 JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-7JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-7 JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-5JAD_FehlhaberSummer20-5


(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Children Family Family Photos Family Pictures Jaimeann Designs Photography Kewaskum Photographer Kids Kids Session Outside Photos Pictures Studio Summer Summer Session West Bend Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/fehlhaber-family-summer-session Wed, 22 Jul 2020 14:21:04 GMT
Straitl Family Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/straitl-family-session This adorable family come to my Outdoor Studio at 10am....AND. IT. WAS. HOT. Already!!! So we found a cozy little shade spot. The littles did so good even with the heat!! I love posed shots but LOVE LOVE Candid moments when they think im not looking. :) Mom did a great job with the outfits. What a perfect little Saturday morning session it was!!! p.s. I had too many favs I had to post all of them!!! :)

Remember if you are struggling with outfits you can always ASK ME or VISIT my Pinterest Page. Jaimeann Designs Photography and check the boards I have created for Families. 

Blessings and Good Health

Jaime Enright

JAD_Straitl2020-2JAD_Straitl2020-2 JAD_Straitl2020-1JAD_Straitl2020-1 JAD_Straitl2020-5JAD_Straitl2020-5 JAD_Straitl2020-4JAD_Straitl2020-4 JAD_Straitl2020-7JAD_Straitl2020-7 JAD_Straitl2020-8JAD_Straitl2020-8 JAD_Straitl2020-13JAD_Straitl2020-13 JAD_Straitl2020-11JAD_Straitl2020-11 JAD_Straitl2020-12JAD_Straitl2020-12 JAD_Straitl2020-15JAD_Straitl2020-15

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Family Family Pictures Family Portraits Family Session Kewaskum Kewaskum Photographer Outdoor Family Pictures Pictures West Bend Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/straitl-family-session Mon, 20 Jul 2020 21:42:18 GMT
Panzer Ext. Family Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/panzer-ext-family-session Extended Family Sessions are so much fun!!! I love wangling everyone up and getting them all organized. Its like a mini wedding. :)

This awesome family was so much fun to work with!!! They Welcomed me to the Family Homestead. We played in the woods and the beautiful daisy fields. I even came home with some battle wounds but they were worth it for the awesome shots we got!!

Extended Family Sessions are important to remember to do every so often. Life gets busy and time flys...Dont forget to freeze those memories NOW!


Jaime Enright

Photographer. Time Freezer. Memory Keeper

JAD_panzer-3JAD_panzer-3 JAD_panzer-4JAD_panzer-4 JAD_panzer-8JAD_panzer-8 JAD_panzer-13JAD_panzer-13 JAD_panzer-14JAD_panzer-14

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Family Family Pictures Kewaskum Kewaskum Photographer Photographer" Photography West Bend Photographer Wisconsin Wisconsin Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/panzer-ext-family-session Thu, 16 Jul 2020 00:45:00 GMT
Wilson Family Summer Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/wilson-family-summer-session This adorable family came to my outdoor studio on a warm summer evening. Mom planned the perfect outfits and the smiles were perfect. This Family Session was extra special because they were celebrating a new member to the Family!!! The Bond between these two NEW Brothers was simply heart warming!!! Congratulations Wilson Family on your Little Guy!! 



Photographer. Time Freezer. Child Whisper

JAD_JWilsonFamily-4JAD_JWilsonFamily-4 JAD_JWilsonFamily-2JAD_JWilsonFamily-2 JAD_JWilsonFamily-3JAD_JWilsonFamily-3 JAD_JWilsonFamily-32-1JAD_JWilsonFamily-32-1 JAD_JWilsonFamily-6JAD_JWilsonFamily-6 JAD_JWilsonFamily-9JAD_JWilsonFamily-9 JAD_JWilsonFamily-11JAD_JWilsonFamily-11 JAD_JWilsonFamily-10JAD_JWilsonFamily-10

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) adopted session children family pictures family session kewaskum kewaskum photographer kids kids session outdoor studio photography west bend photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/wilson-family-summer-session Wed, 15 Jul 2020 00:03:03 GMT
Daniel Is ONE Birthday Event https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/daniel-is-one-birthday-event Happy 1st Birthday Daniel!!! His Mama went the extra mile to make this First Birthday EXTRA Special. I was honored to be able to document this memorable milestone Birthday Party full of Family and Friends! Even in the Heat and Stormy Weather this little guy came out of his shell and gave me some smiles with the help of some Magic. "Bubbles" !!! JAD_DanielH-2JAD_DanielH-2 JAD_DanielH-3JAD_DanielH-3 JAD_DanielH-1JAD_DanielH-1 JAD_DanielH-5JAD_DanielH-5 JAD_DanielH-8JAD_DanielH-8 JAD_DanielH-6JAD_DanielH-6 JAD_DanielH-11JAD_DanielH-11 JAD_DanielH-4JAD_DanielH-4

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Birthday Birthday Party Jaimeann Designs Photography Kewaskum Photographer Milestone One One Year Session Photography Special Event West Bend Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/daniel-is-one-birthday-event Thu, 09 Jul 2020 21:51:29 GMT
Gino is ONE https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/gino-is-one Happy "First" Birthday Sweet Gino!!! He was ALL kinds of perfect for his Milestone Session!!! The morning of this session started out with the threat of storms...Mama flew to my outdoor studio so we could try and get some outside studio shots in...When she arrived she told me that it was her Dads Birthday in Heaven and she asked her Dad to give her a little time for outdoor pictures!!! I said said Awww Happy Birthday Papa C!! Give me 10 minutes pleeeeease....I tell ya what...The Clouds Parted and the Rain Stopped for exactly 17 Minutes!!!! Gino gave me perfect Smiles and some super Model Pose looks and my Heart Melted!!! Literally Melted with Joy for this Mama and her Little Boys FIRST Session!! 

I often find myself praying before sessions. It calms me and helps me clear my head so my magic photographer juices start flowing....This day was ALL Papa C!! God is amazing and so are the Angles that watch over us from above!!! Happiest of Birthdays Sweet Gino!!!!! 



Photographer. Time Freezer. Child Whisper

JAD_gino-1JAD_gino-1 JAD_gino-2JAD_gino-2 JAD_gino-4JAD_gino-4 JAD_gino-5JAD_gino-5 JAD_gino-6JAD_gino-6 JAD_gino-7JAD_gino-7 JAD_gino-8JAD_gino-8 JAD_gino-9JAD_gino-9

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Baby Pictures childrens Enright Jaime Kewaskum Kewaskum Photographer Kids Pictures Milestone Session Photographer Photography Pictures pictures" West Bend Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/7/gino-is-one Wed, 01 Jul 2020 14:56:42 GMT
Johnson Family Summer Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/6/johnson-family-summer-session Every Summer I have the Pleasure of working with this Adorable Family at their home! Every year we battle the Hot Sun, No Shade and sometime Wind!! This year we were lucky and discovered a new partial shade spot around their property. Even with the struggle of sun and heat these little girls did amazing. Since Ive been working with them for many Summers the girls are now used to me and are even excited for their session. Thats why its important to keep working with the same photographer every year if possible when you have small kiddos. They will get easier year year and will remember that lady with the camera that makes silly faces, gives tickles and always play fun games to make us laugh!!! 

So remember DONT STRESS, DONT YELL, DONT WORRY....Let me work with your Children to build up that trust, work up those smiles...After all that why you Hired me!!! I want you to enjoy these moments with your children!!! :)




Child Whisper. Time Freezer. Your Photographer

JAD_Johnson2020-1JAD_Johnson2020-1 JAD_Johnson2020-2JAD_Johnson2020-2 JAD_Johnson2020-3JAD_Johnson2020-3 JAD_Johnson2020-4JAD_Johnson2020-4 JAD_Johnson2020-5JAD_Johnson2020-5 JAD_Johnson2020-7JAD_Johnson2020-7 JAD_Johnson2020-8JAD_Johnson2020-8 JAD_Johnson2020-10JAD_Johnson2020-10

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Children Children portraits Family Family pictures Family Pictures at home Family portraits Jaime Enright Jaimeann Designs Photography Kewaskum Photographer Milestone Outdoor Studio Photographer Photographer in Wisconsin photos" Pictures Studio Summer Summer Pictures West Bend Photographer Wiscconsin Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/6/johnson-family-summer-session Mon, 29 Jun 2020 19:30:08 GMT
Brothers Milestone Session "Finn 4 + Brecken 2" https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/6/brothers-milestone-session-finn-4-brecken-2 >>When you have a Brother you will Always have a Best Friend<<

OMGosh....These Two are on Cuteness Overload!!! 

When I did this Brothers Milestone Session (4 + 2 Years Old)  I knew I would be in love when editing these!!! I mean.....REALLY!!! Can these two be any cuter?!? Gosh Im Googling over them!! This was what I had envisioned and it came to life!! Thanks to their Mama for the perfect outfits!!!! These boys gave me smiles, model poses and giggles....A Photographers dream to work with all types of personalities....Just love how these turned out!! 

JAD_Finn4Breck2-13JAD_Finn4Breck2-13Brothers Milestone Session Childrens Session Kewaskum Photographer JAD_Finn4Breck2-13JAD_Finn4Breck2-13Brothers Milestone Session Childrens Session Kewaskum Photographer JAD_Finn4Breck2-13JAD_Finn4Breck2-13Brothers Milestone Session Childrens Session Kewaskum Photographer JAD_Finn4Breck2-13JAD_Finn4Breck2-13Brothers Milestone Session Childrens Session Kewaskum Photographer JAD_Finn4Breck2-13JAD_Finn4Breck2-13Brothers Milestone Session Childrens Session Kewaskum Photographer

JAD_Finn4Breck2-13JAD_Finn4Breck2-13Brothers Milestone Session Childrens Session Kewaskum Photographer JAD_Finn4Breck2-8JAD_Finn4Breck2-8 JAD_Finn4Breck2-7JAD_Finn4Breck2-7 JAD_Finn4Breck2-2JAD_Finn4Breck2-2 JAD_Finn4Breck2-11JAD_Finn4Breck2-11 JAD_Finn4Breck2-10JAD_Finn4Breck2-10 JAD_Finn4Breck2-9JAD_Finn4Breck2-9

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) children children pictures childrens session family family pictures family session jaimeann designs photography kewaskum kewaskum photographer kids pictures milestone milestone photography milestone session outdoor studio kewaskum photographer" photography photos pictures studio west bend photographer wisconsin https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/6/brothers-milestone-session-finn-4-brecken-2 Mon, 08 Jun 2020 15:40:31 GMT
"Jameson" 9 Month Sitter-Milestone Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/9-month-sitter-milestone-session Everybody loves Little Baby Smiles!!!!!! JD really Hammed it up at his 9 Month Sitter/Milestone Session. His Mommy is a Watch Me Grow Plan Member and finally was able to get into the Studio for his Session after the Stay at Home Order was removed.......It was worth the wait...I mean...LOOK AT HIM!! gahh!!!

With the Stay at Home Order we were unable to do Little JD's Milestone Sitter Session at 7 Months...Finally the Order was removed and at 9 Months Old we were ready to do his session!!! He was one of the Happiest Babies Ive had!! He lit up the Studio with his Giggles, Choos and Smiles. We even headed outside for a few adorable Little Bed Poses!!!

Milestone Sessions are Important to do. They grow up so fast and when you do these milestone sessions you can look back at those tiny toes and chubby cheeks years from now!! Sometimes life goes way too fast but at least you have these important moments captured!! I offer Watch Me Grow Bundles Plans which help you remember those Milestones and can tie it all up at the end with a Custom Newborn to Year One Heirloom Album!!! So much joy in looking back at these memories when your little ones are all grown!!! 

JAD_JD9mnths-1JAD_JD9mnths-1JD 9 Month Milestone Session www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com Kewaskum, WI Photographer JAD_JD9mnths-1JAD_JD9mnths-1JD 9 Month Milestone Session www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com Kewaskum, WI Photographer JAD_JD9mnths-1JAD_JD9mnths-1JD 9 Month Milestone Session www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com Kewaskum, WI Photographer JAD_JD9mnths-1JAD_JD9mnths-1JD 9 Month Milestone Session www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com Kewaskum, WI Photographer JAD_JD9mnths-1JAD_JD9mnths-1JD 9 Month Milestone Session www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com Kewaskum, WI Photographer JAD_JD9mnths-1JAD_JD9mnths-1JD 9 Month Milestone Session www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com Kewaskum, WI Photographer JAD_JD9mnths-1JAD_JD9mnths-1JD 9 Month Milestone Session www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com Kewaskum, WI Photographer JAD_JD9mnths-1JAD_JD9mnths-1JD 9 Month Milestone Session www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com Kewaskum, WI Photographer JAD_JD9mnths-1JAD_JD9mnths-1JD 9 Month Milestone Session www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com Kewaskum, WI Photographer


(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (newborn (west baby bend bend) designs jaimeann kewaskum newborn phot photographer photography pictures pictures) wisconsin https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/9-month-sitter-milestone-session Fri, 29 May 2020 22:30:03 GMT
Father Day Gifts https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/father-day-gifts Happy FriYay All,

Fathers Day is right around the Corner!!! These Personalized Gifts are sure to be a hit this year!!! I can customize one to your liking for just $5!! You can use Pro Images or Good Quality Cell Phone Images!! Make the Men in your Life SMILE this Fathers Day!! Ready to Hang Canvas Wraps or Personal Desktop Canvas Stands.......

To Order: PM, e-mail jaimeanndesigns@yahoo.com or Call 262-483-2726....

Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!! 

Blessings, Jaime Enright

Photographer. Owner. Designer

DAD Letters_FB ADDAD Letters_FB AD


(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (DadsGifts) (FathersDay) (GiftsforDad) Dads Fathers Gifts Grandpa Kewaskum Papa Photographer Photography https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/father-day-gifts Fri, 22 May 2020 23:13:37 GMT
"One Year" Milk Bath Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/-one-year-milk-bath-session Did you know that instead of a "Cake Smash" I also offer "Milk Bath" ONE YEAR SESSIONS!! These are a beautiful way to celebrate two things...Turning ONE + Honoring Nursing Mums!! I think its a special thing to be able to nurse your child. Not everyone is able to do this or chooses too. For the ones who are blessed with this gift I think its a great way to honor and celebrate the end of a Milestone or Honor it at a Milestone Session!!

This little guys session was done in the Studio but I have options to do these in my Outdoor Studio during the warmer times of year. I will be doing one with my little guy who is 14 months and starting to end our nursing journey. :( So stay tuned for a Summer Outdoor Milk Bath Celebration!! I have many ideas to decorate your set. I would love to scheduling and start designing your "Cake Smash" or "Milk Bath" Session!!

Reach out via PM, jaimeanndesigns@yahoo.com for info!!


Blessings, Jaime Enright

Owner. Photographer. Designer


Brooks Milk Bath
JAD-brooks-6JAD-brooks-6 JAD-brooks-7JAD-brooks-7


(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (BirthdaySession) (CakeSmash) (KewaskumPhotographer) (MilkBath) (PortraitPhotography) (StudioPhotography) Birthday Breastfed Kewaskum Nursing One Photographer https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/-one-year-milk-bath-session Wed, 20 May 2020 20:04:13 GMT
Tucker-Newborn Mini Session https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/tucker-newborn-mini-session Little Tucker was 23 days old and all kinds of perfect for his Mini Newborn Session!! Mom was glowing and so proud of her little boy! Shes has two beautiful little girls and this little boy completed this family!! He was a sleepy little boy and snoozed right through his session. 

We made this session extra special by using two prop items that Mom brought from home. She brought her and her husbands wedding rings. Which I say is a must for all Newborn Sessions. She also brought a camo swaddle and hat set that was given to her as a gift from Tuckers Grandma. Items like this make a session even more special. I love it when clients bring special items to make the session even more personal. 

Congratulations again Mitch and Cayln on your Baby Boy!! Hes the perfect addition to your Beautiful Family. 

*Family and Friends Please Leave Mom & Dad Well Wishes Below in the Comments.  JAD_tucker-2JAD_tucker-2 JAD_tucker-4JAD_tucker-4 JAD_tucker-7JAD_tucker-7 JAD_tucker-8JAD_tucker-8 JAD_tucker-10JAD_tucker-10 JAD_tucker-3JAD_tucker-3 JAD_tucker-9JAD_tucker-9 JAD_tucker-13JAD_tucker-13 JAD_tucker-11JAD_tucker-11 JAD_tucker-12JAD_tucker-12

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Props with Love https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/props-with-love This Baseball is not just a Baseball!! This ball represents so much more to me!! This is a ball belonged to my late Grandpa Dricken! He was a huge baseball fan!! He played it, watched it and always, always had the Brewers Game on. It was either on his radio in his car, garage and even his fishing boat while he fished for bluegills on Little Green Lake!!! So you see this Baseball is NOT just a Baseball to me!! This is why I loved it when my baby boy stood still for two seconds and gave me this look!! Its like he knew what the ball meant to me!!! The Photography Gods were on my side this day and even maybe a little help from someone else above.

A Common Question I get for my Sessions is "Can I bring an item with for our pictures?" "Yes PLEASE" I will always say!! The simplest of props change a photo into an Heirloom Portrait!! I have had clients bring old blanket quilts for Family Sessions, Wedding Dresses for One Year Old sessions, Sports Items for Toddler or Newborn Sessions and even the Family Dog. So many items can be included into your Sessions to make them extra special. Pinterest is a Fantastic place to get ideas. I even created a board full of ideas to help you out. So if you want to make your Session Extra Special dont be afraid to think outside the box and include items that are near and dear to your heart!!!

Newborn Ideas:

Wedding Rings, Knit Blankets, Toys, Stuffed Animals, Wedding Headband or Clips, Old Clothes, Sports Items, Hunting or Fishing Items, Ultra Sound Photos, Old Crates or Wood Boxes or Baskets

Engagement: Hand Made Signs from Etsy, Pets, Flowers

One Year Session: Wedding Dress, Head Pieces from Wedding, Dads Dress Shirts, Fireman or Police Gear, Stuffed Animals

Family Session: Old Quilts or Knit Blankets, Pets, Old Wood Crates, Old Cloth Furniture

These are just some ideas but the list is endless and the ideas are endless. Im here to help make that vision a reality!



(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (Newborn (West Baby Bend Kewaskum Newborn Photographer Photographer) Photography Pictures Pictures) West Wisconsin https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/props-with-love Mon, 11 May 2020 23:43:24 GMT
Newborn + Maternity Photography Sale https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/newborn-maternity-sale Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the little bit of sunshine we had this past Mothers Day Weekend! It was still very chilly here but my heart was warmed by my children this Mother Day weekend!! I had an enjoyable weekend with my husband and children. They made me breakfast, cleaned it all up (Bonus) and gave me a beautiful plant for outside. Time with Family is everything these days!! When your children are little like mine you soak up all the snuggles, laughs, tears, toddler moments, teething crys, potty training disasters and the best is the kisses and little I love Yous!!  I just wanted to pop on here and remind you I'm still doing my Newborn Sale! If you had a baby starting in March till the Covid Stay at Home Order is lifted you can take 20% OFF!!

Contact me today to set up your future session!!! jaimeanndesigns@yahoo.com | 262-483-2726


Newborn COVID DealNewborn COVID Deal 262

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (Newborn (West Bend Kewaskum Newborn Photographer Photographer) Photography Photography) Photos) Pictures Pictures) https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/newborn-maternity-sale Mon, 11 May 2020 22:04:20 GMT
Max One Year Old Session and Cake Smash https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/max-one-year-session-and-cake-smash JAD_maxONE-11JAD_maxONE-11 JAD_maxONE-17JAD_maxONE-17 JAD_maxONE-13JAD_maxONE-13 JAD_maxONE-19JAD_maxONE-19 JAD_maxONE-24JAD_maxONE-24 JAD_maxONE-32JAD_maxONE-32 JAD_maxONE-31JAD_maxONE-31 JAD_maxONE-27JAD_maxONE-27 JAD_maxONE-22JAD_maxONE-22 JAD_maxONE-1JAD_maxONE-1 JAD_maxONE-4JAD_maxONE-4 JAD_maxONE-5JAD_maxONE-5 JAD_maxONE-8JAD_maxONE-8 My Baby Boy is ONE!!! We did a little Cake Smash and LOVE how the set turned out!! He was teething and was not really loving the taste of his cake but he still had some fun playing with the baby fork!! One Year Sessions are one of my favorites as you can truly see the personalty of each child start to shine through. Max is a shy boy but loves to go, go, go and when I can get that moment when he sits still for 2 seconds and smile I better be ready!!

My Husband is a Fireman so it was a must that we did some pictures at the Fire House!! Everyday this little guy makes us smile and laugh. He loves watching everything we do and will totally want to grow up to be just like his Daddy!! Im not sure why but I feel like this Year went soooo fast!! I blinked and he was ONE!! Time please slow down! I Thank God every single day for this Healthy Boy!

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (Baby (Birthday (Cake (Kewaskum (Kids (West Baby Bend Children Kewaskum Kids Photographer Photographer) Pictures) Session) Smash Smash) Year Year) https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/5/max-one-year-session-and-cake-smash Thu, 07 May 2020 21:37:21 GMT
Class of 2020 Senior Graduates Yard Signs https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/4/class-of-2020-senior-graduates-yard-signs I feel so sad for the Class of 2020!!! I wanted to offer a fun way for you to honor your Senior!! Buy a Custom Yard Sign and show off your Senior Graduate!!! Order Now: jaimeanndesigns@yahoo.com | 262-483-2726 Class of 2020 Yard Signs by Jaimeann Designs PhotographyClass of 2020 Yard Signs by Jaimeann Designs Photography

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (Class (Gift (High (West (Yard 2020) Bend for Gifts Grads Graduate Graduates) Graduation) Kewaskum of School Seniors Signs) https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/4/class-of-2020-senior-graduates-yard-signs Thu, 23 Apr 2020 18:47:41 GMT
MOTHERS DAYS GIFTS https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/4/mothers-days-gifts Mothers Day Gifts. Canvas Wraps and Wood Prints are such amazinly cute gifts!! You guys look at these adorable MOM Gifts!!! OMG!! I can use any of your past session photos or cell phone images you took or images from another pro as long as you have a print release. These are so cute and make great gifts for Moms, Grandmas, or yourself!! Take a look and please reach out if you would like one designed. jaimeanndesigns@yahoo.com

Stay Healthy & Happy



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Thank a Wisconsin Hero with a Photography Gift Card https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2020/4/thank-a-hero COVID Gift Cards 2020Wisconsin Photographer Sale, COVID Gift Cards 2020, Thank a Hero, Photography Gift Cards, Newborn Photography, Children Photography, Family Photography Happy Morning Wisconsin!! Ready to think about your Family Portraits and Childrens Pictures?? Pregnant and having a baby in the near future and want maternity and newborn pictures or even a FRESH48 Hospital Newborn Session?

Im offering a sale to everyone till the end of the month!! Buy and get SALE plus give a GIFT Card to a HERO of our choice. Thank that Front Line worker or a Hero today!!! Gift Cards are good for all year long!! 

Hope you are all doing well during this crazy time!! Stay Happy and Positive and we will see you soon!!

Hugs & Blessings 

Jaime Enright

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Class of 2016- Booking Now https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/3/class-of-2016--booking-now West Bend Year Book Ad 2016_edited-1West Bend Year Book Ad 2016_edited-1 Its that time of year again!! Time to start looking at booking your Senior Pictures for the Class of 2016!!! Please visit my website for info anf to set up a consultation. 2015 Seniors were a blast! Looking forward to the 2016 group!!


Early Bird Discounts on NOW!!! 

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (Class (High (Senior (West 2016) Bend Graduates Kewaskum Photographer) Photos Pictures Pictures) School) Senior Slinger Wisconsin of https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/3/class-of-2016--booking-now Thu, 12 Mar 2015 19:53:26 GMT
Newborn "R" https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/2/newborn-r jad_Ryker-2Newborn "R"Newborn "R" was a sleepy bundle of Jay to work with. Loved my snuggles with him. jad_Ryker-2Newborn "R"Newborn "R" was a sleepy bundle of Jay to work with. Loved my snuggles with him.

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (Jaimeann (West (Wisconsin Babies Baby Bend Designs) Kewaskum Newborn Photographer) Photography Pictures https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/2/newborn-r Thu, 05 Feb 2015 03:08:26 GMT
WEDDINGS, WEDDINGS, WEDDINGS https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/weddings-weddings-weddings Well its that time of year!!! Wedding Planning Season is among us! BE sure to book your favorite vendors, suppliers, photographer (hint hint) before someone else get um. We will be at the Washington County Fair Grounds THIS Sunday from 11-3 for the "Cinderella Wedding to Remember" Come chat, eat, drink and and register to win some fun prices! As of 2015 I will only be doing a limited number of wedding each year! This is due to my growing newborn and family session requests each year! So if you want us book us quick before we are gone!! :) 

See you Sunday!

Love and Blessings

Jaime and Kim (Associate Photographer)

Capturing Moments in Time.... maggieandy2maggieandy2


(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (Kewaskum (West (Wisconsin Bend Kewaskum Photographer) Wedding Weddings) https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/weddings-weddings-weddings Thu, 22 Jan 2015 21:35:26 GMT
MORE Newborn Love https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/more-newborn-love DSC_0611DSC_0611 Cant get enough of my little bitty ones!!! So in Love with them All!!

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) (Kewaskum (Kewaskum) (Newborn (West (Wisconsin Bend Bend) Newborn Photographer) Photography) Photos) https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/more-newborn-love Thu, 22 Jan 2015 21:25:43 GMT
First Newborn BOY of 2015 https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/first-newborn-boys-of-2015 Well 2015 started off great!! Lots of little girls! Final a couple boys showed up and boy did they rock their sessions!!! Im truly Blessed to be able to do what I do and meet and snuggle with some perfectly adorable babies!! Here are a couple favs I would like to share. 


0134_Newell,Melinda_FP20160134_Newell,Melinda_FP2016 Kelsey Q 3MO WHS 1045Kelsey Q 3MO WHS 1045

(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Baby Bend Kewaskum Newborn Newborns Photographer Photography West Wisconsin https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/first-newborn-boys-of-2015 Thu, 22 Jan 2015 21:08:02 GMT
First Newborn of 2015 https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/first-newborn-of-2015
































































Baby "M" was the first Newborn of 2015!! She was a great start to the year!!! I love nothing more than newborns sessions!! 























(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Baby Bend Designs Jaimeann Kewaskum Newborn Photograper Photographer Photography West https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/first-newborn-of-2015 Wed, 14 Jan 2015 23:53:10 GMT
First Clients of 2015-Baby "C" and Big Brother "D" https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/first-clients-of-2015-baby-c-and-big-brother-d Happy New Year!!! Well Little "C" and Big Brother "D" where my first 2015 clients. Always love working with these little guys. Even think I have a Future Assistant in the works. :) Even asked big brother "D" if I could trade him his little brother for one of my old cameras that we loved!! I got a big NO!! lol Heres to the start of a GREAT 2015!! 

www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com |  West Bend and Kewaskum, WI 

Love and Blessings




(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Baby Bend Designs Jaimeann Kewaskum Newborn Photographer Photography West Wisconsin https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2015/1/first-clients-of-2015-baby-c-and-big-brother-d Wed, 14 Jan 2015 23:37:26 GMT
Happy Holidays https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2014/12/happy-holidays Collage 1Collage 1

Well the Holidays are behind most of us now, so I wanted to post my First Blog with a few of my Holiday Session Favs. I had too many so these were picked at Random. :)

2015 Here we come!!!! 


Faith |  Love | Photography




(Jaimeann Designs Photography LLC) Jaimeann Designs Photography Kewaskum Photographer West Bend Family Wisconsin Newborn Maternity https://www.jaimeanndesignsphotography.com/blog/2014/12/happy-holidays Mon, 29 Dec 2014 04:54:14 GMT